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Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:19 pm
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 May be moving soon!!

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May be moving soon!! Empty
PostSubject: May be moving soon!!   May be moving soon!! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 10:57 pm

<_< I ask mom about buying the site and she says "Got your money?" to which I say yes so then she tells me "Go for it! Where's your card?" *facepalm* She told me I had to spend everything on it by the 18th! ^(*A*^) I asked her if we can go to Walmart tomorrow so I can buy one and she said "I don't know. We might have plans..." <(xVx)> But anyways, from the looks of it, we may be moving soon! If the service is bad/really bad, we'll only stay for the year. If it starts off bad (which I'm assuming it will as I'm not an expert at coding) but gets better as we go, then I may renew it and continue if it stays really good. If it is amazing then I'm going to keep with it and possibly even upgrade. A basic site, I read, takes up at most 5MB. We've got 10GB which would be 10240MB so we should be good. XD
In the mean time, sorry work and all that stuff for every corner of our site groups, but I'm going to quit on you for a while so I can start studying up on coding. I hadn't up till now because I expected it to be years before I could move us and so I'd have already gone through Web Design school.
If I learn enough, I may make a special creature designer-like thing. FelisFire users, it'd be somewhat like the lab designer. Species would be creatures, markings would be items, and phenotype would be backgrounds and of the like. I dunno, but anyways, start suggesting ideas!

Suggestion List:

Implement List:

  • Breeding
  • Genders
  • Multiple Alts
  • Onsite Hatchery
  • Onsite Forums
  • Onsite Blogs
  • Chat Box
  • User-chooses Themes
  • Trading
  • Items

So basically, if we do move, you'll no longer have to go to but rather I would go with .com, but .com is already taken. The forums and blogs may or maynot be added in the site depending on how much bandwith they'll end up taking up. Even if I do get the site tomorrow or sometime soon, I may not have everyone move for a while because I'm going to be doing all kinds of coding work.

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May be moving soon!!
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