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Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:30 am
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 Star's Library

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PostSubject: Star's Library   Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:33 am

I am often really busy but I've got two study halls, basically three, where I almost never have anything assigned to do. Thus in that time I scribble in words or sketches. Sometimes I even get little bursts to short stories or buds of a story that don't get watered enough. This is a place for others to look around at some of those stories of mine.


Walking along a stone path, you come upon a small library wedged between a diner and a supply shop. "Star's Library", an old wooden sign above the door reads. Curious as to why you've never come upon it before, you push the door open. Easily finding the front desk, you wander on over to see a young woman working away with her trusty quill and ink pen on some yellowing parchment paper. As she notices your shadow fall over her paper, she looks up and smiles. "Welcome to Star's Library! Every book you find here was written by myself, may it have been fanfic or original work. You must be... Guest, right? Have a look around, go on!"

Books and Chapters

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Posts : 87
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PostSubject: Kingdom Frozen (Ch. 1)   Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:08 pm

Kingdom Frozen
Chapter 1
Written Songs

"Tyra, wake up!" ... "Tyra, it's almost noon," a gentle voice called.

Pushing the covers from her head, Tyra sat up and brushed her brunet hair out of her face. "Noon is too early," she sighed groggily. Swinging her legs over the edge of her bed, she stuck her feet in some blue cloud slippers.

"Do I need to come in there?"

"I'm already up, Mom!"

"Alright, alright. Calm down. Don't forget, we're leaving tonight! Won't it be fun?"

Tyra turned her head to the door, rolled her eyes, and pursed her lips in defiance. "Yeah, lots of fun..." She pushed herself out of bed and headed for the door, right hand extended, left hand clutching a small stuffed dragon. When her hand hit the wall, she felt around until she found the door knob. Shuffling over to the stairs, she carefully took a step down, grabbing onto the railing tightly. As she got down the last step, she rubbed her eyes harshly while walking into the living room.

"Stop that, you'll damage your eyes," a rough voice called to her.

Feeling for a chair, she pulled one out and heavily sat down. "Like they aren't already damaged. I'm not going to get better, and I can't get worse. Sovu'd heal me. Isn't that right?" Tyra asked, then pet the dragon's snout.

"You're not a little girl anymore. You'd almost be a junior in high school right now! Put the toy away and get dressed?" he told her.

"Meh ma mee mee meh," she mocked coldly.

"Tyra Noel Bellson!" her father barked.

"Johnson Frank Bellson!" she snapped.

John said nothing for a moment. Shaking his head sadly, he asked, "What has gotten into you laely?"

Tyra frowned and then slammed her head on the table, covering her face with the dragon. Putting her arms on the table, she heard something crinkle and felt paper. For a moment, she didn't care, then she gently picked it up and called for her mother. "What is it?" her mother asked.

"What does this paper say?"

She took it from Tyra's hand and looked at it, flipping it over and over. "There's nothing on it..."

"You sure?" Tyra wanted to be positive.

"Oh, there's something in this corner! Looks like a page number."

A pause, then she snatched it from her mother's hands. "What book is it from?" she asked, lifting it to her nose and smelling it. She'd been blind for so long, she knew each book in their library by scent. "Oh, it's that old one! Erm... 'Ja'Kunda' or something like that. Can you get it?"

Her mother looked at her father. He shrugged and so she went and got it. "Why do you want this?" she asked Tyra.

"Find the page!" Sensing the glare she was getting from her father, she quickly added, "Please?" The sound of pages flipping and turning came and then settled. "What does it say?" she eagerly asked.

The page was littered with ancient writings and scripts, it'd be impossible to read if you didn't know their language. "Give me a sec," her mother quickly responded. "They're some ancient stories written by Gunda O'Vek. Do you know who he is?"

"Nope," she shook her head.

"O'Vek was that astronomer you learned about a while ago. The one that built the telescope over in Greece. It's a shame no one can go and see it anymore..." she sighed and continued translating the page. "Looks like they're stories he wrote about his work on the telescope. A diary, maybe?"
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Star's Library
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