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Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:04 pm
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 Updates, contests, and New Modee

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Updates, contests, and New Modee Empty
PostSubject: Updates, contests, and New Modee   Updates, contests, and New Modee Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 5:46 pm

As of 1/6/13, Garden Creatures now has an extension site called Garden Creations! A link to Garden Creations has been added to the link bar of Garden Creatures, directing you here. You can read up about Garden Creations if you click the tab labeled "Read Me". In summary, Garden Creations is a branch from Garden Creatures where all users can make their own adoptable without my permission or anything! There is one major difference though- GCreatures and GCreations are two different sites. Meaning, and these are just a few;
You must make an account for Garden Creations
Times between changing of GCreatures and GCreations themes can greatly differ but most likely will be a matter of minutes
You won't find any of the available adopts on GCreatures at GCrations nor from GCreations at GCreatures
You have no use for Seeds. Think of GCreations as a toy shop where you've got everything you need and you'll never run out of stock. You've got no use for Seeds therefore you don't start with any nor can you gain any by clicking adopted Creations.

So what's in it for me?
You get to make your own creatures! They don't have to have eggs or hatchlings or whatever. They can be anything from simple stamps to an elephant (just no humans please!). I'll look through all of the Creations every so often and if I find one (or maybe more) that I'm thinking of releasing to the Creation Shop, then they get retired from GCreations and moved into GCreatures. The part that is in it for you is that you have free reign on pretty much every aspect of your creature, you'll get paid for it (in Seeds of course), and then you'll have your very own adoptable out!

Emote Redo
Let's give those emotes a makeover, shall we? You do not have to remake every single one of them, but at least the basics are needed to even qualify. You can remake as many more that you want, and even make some of your own if you want! To enter, post the code along with all of your emotes and what they're for. Such as "Cool is B) , 'cool'".

End Date-

Entry Form-
[u]Happy/Smiling[/u] (:D)
[u]Glad[/u] (:))
[u]Sad[/u] (:(/:cry:)
[u]Shocked[/u] (:shock:)
[u]Cool[/u] (8))
[u]Laugh[/u] (:lol:/:lol!:)
[u]Angry[/u] (:x)
[u]Tongue[/u] (:P/:tongue:)
[u]Rolling Eyes[/u] (:roll:)
[u]Neutral[/u] (:|)
[u]Unsure[/u] (there is no example)
Change the current emote to your emote image. Those listed are the ones you must have. Add in any more that you'd like.

Calender Fixer
As some of you may have noticed, the button for the calender (or "calendrier") is not like the others. This theme came like that, so I'm having a war of the artists contest to see who has the best replacement image for it. Try your best to make it look like it was one of the original ones, please. When you're posting your entry, use the provided form.

End Date-

Entry Form-

The staff of GC Forums now welcomes Mindless as our newest Modee! Wish him luck and help with his training/testing in the Modee Training section located here!

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Updates, contests, and New Modee
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